About Danae Alatari Handmade Jewelry

Danae has started her career as a jewelry maker by working in well-known jewelry workshops in Athens where she was trained on different techniques of manufacturing and processing Greek jewels, which are considered world-class products, with a long tradition in the country. In 2011 she opened her own workshop, “Danae Alatari”, located in the heart of Athens, at the foothills of Acropolis, willing to channel her inspiration and passion for her craft, the handmade jewel. A distinctive point in the style of her creations is the original clasp that deifies the combination of aesthetics and functionality, and which in certain lines ties the ornament (either necklace or earrings or bracelets) with semiprecious stones and enamel. Danae’s creations can be worn in different ways and at every hour of the day. Simplicity is the word that defines her style, without any compromises in quality. As a designer she usually uses silver. Her work products are destined for modern women who want to stand out in a distinctive and elegant way that corresponds to their contemporary mindset. Urban everyday life, nature and music, and the culture that goes with it, are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for Danae. Before being professionally engaged with her favorite activity, jewelry, she studied theater stage and costume design, studies which had a profound effect to her high aesthetics. Danae Alatari with her creations attains to praise the female sensitivity, combining it with the robustness and the strength of her materials.